Save Money and the Environment with These Home Improvements in Adelaide

If you’ve spent more time in your home this past year, you are hardly alone. While you’ve weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have noticed all the things in your home that need updating or wondered how to reduce your abruptly larger electricity bill. It’s the perfect time and easier than ever to improve your home’s energy efficiency by making smart, green changes like installing double glazed windows, energy-efficient appliances, or solar panels. Not only will you save money on heating, cooling, and electricity but will also contribute to reducing global warming and promoting a sustainable Australia.

You no longer have to choose between energy efficiency and financial responsibility. The growth of green electricity from economical renewable sources means that you can use energy from sustainable sources while saving money in the process. The City of Adelaide is taking the initiative to power the entirety of its operations from wind and solar power from 1 July 2021 onward. Follow in their footsteps by taking advantage of the following home improvement opportunities.

Double Glazed Windows and Insulation

Windows are a primary source of heat escaping the house during the winter months and entering the home during the summer. Ordinary windows do a poor job of trapping heat, but modern double-glazed windows can reduce the energy required to heat and cool your home by up to 65%.

We all know how the greenhouse effect works. Energy from the sun’s rays reaches Earth, but greenhouse gases prevent that energy from radiating back out into space. As a result, the planet gets warmer, like the inside of a greenhouse. The same principles that allow the sun to warm our planet can warm your house and reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. By choosing the e-coating on your double glazed windows, you can control how much heat gets into or out of your home to maximise solar heating.

Double Glazed windows and doors are available in all different styles and colours to suit your decor. They use window frames made with uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride), a safe and environmentally-friendly material that stands up well to the UV rays in the Australian summer sunshine.

Time of Use Billing: What Is It, and How Can It Save You Money?

Another easy home improvement that can save you big bucks is switching to an electricity provider that uses “time of use” billing. charges varying electricity prices depending on the time of day. For example, if you use your appliances during off-peak hours, you could pay up to three times less than if you run them during peak hours.

By billing you according to when you use electrical devices and taking into account off-peak hours when energy is less expensive, IO Energy helps the power grid operate more efficiently and saves you money. IO Energy installs a smart meter at your home that records how much electricity you use at 30-minute intervals. Each interval has a set price, and your bill is based on how much energy you used during each interval.

Smart meters have other advantages. If you need to schedule a meter reading or make changes to your service, IO Energy can handle many tasks remotely to save the cost and hassle of sending out a technician. The electric company can access your meter remotely as well, which is convenient if there are any problems with the power supply to your home.

Green Electricity Means Savings for You

IO Energy also provides green electricity from clean and renewable sources and uses this to determine the best electricity prices. By running appliances during off-peak hours when solar and wind generation is highest, you save money and help the environment. During off-peak hours at 1 pm, South Australia’s electricity grid is 80% renewable — this electricity is more sustainable, so that’s why it’s cheaper. Compare that to 7 pm, when only 38% of electricity is generated sustainably.

What if you’re not home during off-peak times or don’t want to change your schedule to accommodate peaks and valleys in the power grid’s usage level? You don’t have to! If you buy a home battery, you can run your appliances during peak times using the battery and then recharge the battery from the power grid during off-peak times using the cheaper, renewable green electricity. The government may even offer rebates on the purchase of a home battery. Double Glazed Window and Door Solutions and IO Energy are just two of many companies in the Adelaide area working to bring sustainability and green electricity to Australians. Check back with Adelaide Experts frequently to learn more about other products that improve your quality of life and save you money.

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