Curl Up with Preloved Book from this Adelaide Startup

I’m sure a few people have rediscovered a love of reading during their extended time at home. It’s fortunate that this pandemic happened in this digital age with so many options to communicate and work online and purchase digital books or shiny new books for delivery. However, for those that prefer to old ways and the simpler things in life, this new Australian startup (Adelaide Based) has you covered.

Books and Bubbles home deliver packages of pre-loved books and self care products for one off purchases or monthly subscriptions. Perfect to scratch your own reading itch or a great gift idea for friends and family that like a physical book and some time to relax.

We especially like the fact that these are pre-loved books so this is an environmentally friendly choice that carries on the tradition of book swapping and second hand books and gives them a new lease on life with a new reader to entertain, motivate and delight.

Books and Bubbles have three book categories to help you choose;

If you purchase a monthly book subscription then you each new title will be from your chosen category, however, you can also change category partway through your subscription if you like.

There’s several pack and box options available for once off purchase or subscription including bath salts and bubbly drinks. Create the perfect environment for yourself (or gift a friend) to run a bath, relax with a book and enjoy a drink.

Check out their website at Books and Bubbles Shop for more information!

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