Chiropractor Pricing in Adelaide

Looking for some guidelines on how much a Chiropractic consultation costs in Adelaide, South Australia? You’ve come to the right place. There’s no industry standard for pricing so you’ll need to contact each individual practice to find out their specific pricing but this guide will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

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Pricing guidelines;

  • Initial Consultation – $145 (all inclusive, including x-rays)*
  • Report of Findings – $80
  • Standard Adjustment – $53
  • Concession adjustment – $46

*You might notice that some practices have a lower price for their initial consultation but often this is because they charge extra for x-rays whereas the guidance above includes them

How Many Visits Do I Need?

An initial consultation and report of findings are strongly recommended so that your chiropractor can give you a thorough assessment (initial consultation) and give you all the information as well as plan for your treatment going forward in the second visit (report of findings).

The total number of visits required for your treatment differs from case to case. Initially you will get some recommendations for your chiropractic care at your report of findings. Some people choose to use chiropractic care on a symptomatic basis only. Some people choose to achieve a higher level of spinal and nervous system function, which most commonly progresses further over time. Once a higher level is achieved, many people decide to include chiropractic care as part of their overall healthcare regime on an ongoing basis. This varies on frequency depending on your individual preference or need.

Private Health Insurance Extras Cover

If you have private health insurance and extras cover with an allowance for chiropractic then you can get a rebate on the cost of your visit. Rebates differ by health insurance provider and plan so you’ll need to refer to your cover details to find out what the rebate amount is. 

Concessions, Claims & Medicare

Some Chiropractors can process DVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs), Workcover and Motor Vehicle and Accident Claims and Medicare – EPC Plans for chiropractic. Concession pricing may also be available.


We hope that answers your questions about guidelines for chiropractic pricing in Adelaide. If you’re still deciding which chiropractor is right for you, check out Spinecare Chiropractic to see the excellent information on their website and the details of their five Adelaide Chiropractic practices across the city (Salisbury, Clarence Gardens, Golden Grove, Prospect & Glenelg).

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