Five Great Four Wheel Driving Getaways in South Australia

The distant mysteries of the outback, providing a connection with our aboriginal ancestors who lived thousands of years ago, treasured remnants of their existence, hidden to most, are available and accessible to the man who rides in on a four-wheeler. While courageous explorers of old would venture out with nothing but a canteen, today, as we explore the outback, we do it four-wheeling with camping and fishing gear, as we prepare to confront the forces of the natural world. We look the terrain of the outback unflinchingly in the face and undertake it on a four-wheeler. There are at least five significant parks where he can do just that.

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1 – Coorong National Park

The breath of saltwater will swarm you as press the pedals into the depths of Coorong National Park. When you slow down near the shore, you might even catch a glimpse of crashing waves. On a hot day, you might consider choosing Coorong for the refreshing saltwater and the aura of serenity juxtaposed against the roaring four wheeler. Four wheelers with a taste for nature will find themselves thoroughly quenched by the historic traces of aboriginals from thousands of years prior and the keen observer may see 240 species of birds lingering overheard. Those who are not satisfied with a day trip will be permitted to camp on the beach, to feel the chilly night by the warmth of a fire as they overlook the Southern Ocean. They may feel at peace knowing that the morning will host more rides, thrill, and the echo of your exhilarated cheers carrying through the land and the sea. After all, the park permits driving on the beach by the water, and you may find yourself in the mood for a dip after traversing the 130 kilometers of terrain.

2 – Little Dip Conservation Park

Known for its’ preservation of endangered species of birds, the Little Dip Conservation Park will provide for visitors the opportunity to see some of the rarest animals on the earth – animals that may soon fade into oblivion. Four wheelers will also have the opportunity to visit the foreshore of Lake Eliza – once home to Australians thousands of years ago, evidenced by fossils of shellfish that can still be found in the park. Those who explore the land, live off the land and indulge in Little Dip Conservation Park may feel overwhelmed by the connection that they have with their ancestors as they camp overnight on the beach. The beach will provide opportunities for beach-combing and surf fishing before spending the night feeling the cool mist emanating from the water. You will rest in a tent, settling cozily under the overhanging trees of the Old Man Lake campsite. The next day, you might venture into those parts of the park that are only available by four wheeling, taking in the sights that most tourists and even natives will never have the opportunity to see. From Little Dip, there is even access to the Upper South East Park, where you will encounter tall cliff (be careful!) and unique wildlife.

3 – Innaminka Regional Reserve

The desert has come alive. The long stretches of sand and dry air are beginning to respond. Inaccessible for generations, for thousands of years, it was thought to be a hostile terrain, and today, it is available for those who have the courage to venture out in four-wheel drive. This historic sight is the place where Australia’s known explorers, Burke and Wills, found a terrain that they could not explore, and it devoured them. You can visit the very place that these explorers perished and will have access even to the historic Dig Tree.

The easily accessible waterholes provide an opportunity for more activities, including mounting a canoe and doing a bit of fishing by yourself in the secluded area, not with the tint of the dry desert air, but shaded by gums. Since it is open 24/7, you may find yourself indulging in much of the explorers’ intrigue as our ancestors. Men and women who wanted to get a feel for the terrain, to understand the land and today, we can do that in four-wheel drive. As you roar through the desert and the waterholes, you will see picturesque coolabah trees contributing to the natural habitat of the great deserts’ diverse wildlife.

4 – Flinders Rangers National Park

The peaks and terrain of the mountains become available to the four-wheeler who visitsFlinders Rangers National Park. The four-wheeler will find themselves confronted with the naturalists’ delight; the evidence of erosion and the miles of beautiful landscape will simply overwhelm you with feelings of awe. The scenic rides through Flinders will be ingrained in your mind for the rest of your days. It is something that one cannot capture precisely with a photograph. The vast mountain ranges silently heralding the adoration of the solemn viewer is something that we just cannot capture or communicate. It is available to the individual who blazes through the terrain out on a four-wheeler. It is on the back of the four-wheeler that the deep mysteries of Flingers Rangers National Park will be excavated. For Flinders was home to aboriginals thousands of years ago, leaving behind traces, hints, suggestions of their presence that only those who venture out will see. There are even ruins of early European settlement available. Since it is open 24/7, your adventure will be untethered by any limitation. Stay, learn, discover, unlock mysteries, and ride. There are accommodations ranging from four star hotels to sleeping with a view of the mountain ranges next to a gas fire.

5 – Witjira National Park

Accessible on a four-wheeler and a national park that is home to the remains of the historic aboriginals. For the ancient aboriginals lived off the very springs and natural shelter that the four-wheeler will find here. He will take in not only the sights but also the historical landmarks, and aquatic phenomenon. The springs of the Witjira National Park are home to a number of forms of marine life that are not present anywhere else in the world.

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