How To Pest-Proof Your Adelaide Home

Protecting your home from pests is the most important of home maintenance in Adelaide. Australia is filled with pests that come out in the summer, and some of those pests want to make their way inside during the winter. This article explores methods for protecting your home from pests, and each project can be seen as a home improvement. You are increasing the value of your home while protecting your family from outdoor vermin.

Many of these fixes can be implemented┬áby you, however, we recommend getting periodic building and pest inspections from a reputable company, such as Detail Building Inspections, to ensure the nasty little critters haven’t slipped past your defences!

#1: Seal All Cracks

Your home settles over the years, and cracks in your foundation, brick and siding will occur over time. The smallest cracks are hard to see, but small pests can enter your home without your knowledge. A full inspection of your home will show all the cracks that have formed over the years, and you can create a plan to fill those cracks as quickly as possible. A proper home maintenance program will ensure that you have closed every crack, and you will prevent pests from entering your home.

Call a foundation expert for help inspecting your brick or foundation, and ensure that your siding is inspected by a professional siding installer. You can close many of the cracks yourself using caulk, but larger cracks must be filled with a licensed contractor. Closing even crack in the house will help you keep out pests, and the solidity of your home will improve.

#2: Check All Doors

The doors in your home are not always airtight, and many doors allow pests to enter the house without any trouble. Pests will walk under the door or through gaps on the edges, and you will not notice the bugs enter your home. You may not know how the bugs enter your house, but you know they are there in the summer. Tightening the door frames on your home will keep pests out, and weatherstripping will prevent pests from entering the house under the doors. This simple process helps cut down on the bug population that makes its way inside the home.

#3: Your Chimney Needs Protection

Your chimney is a perfect place for large rodents to hide in the winter, and the warmth from a fire will keep many animals happy over the winter months. Animals may choose to enter your home via the chimney in the summer, but a chimney hood will keep rodents out of the chimney all year. A chimney hood can filter the smoke from your chimney, and the grating prevents animals from getting in. You may go one step further by installed a net in your chimney that prevents inspects from flying down through the chimney while you are burning the fire.

#4: Seal Your Windows

Every window in your home is an easy entry point for insects. The weather stripping you use around your windows will help you prevent bugs from entering the house, and you will regulate the temperature in your home more easily. insects climb over your windows every day, and small cracks between the pane and the frame allow bugs to enter your home. You must replace your windows when you cannot seal them completely, and brand new windows will help you improve the value of your home while keeping out pests.

#5: Put Up Window Screens

Australia gets very hot in the summer, and leaving your windows open is a natural response to such high temperatures. You can scarcely afford to keep your air going all summer, but you cannot let bugs in the house when your windows are open. Place screens over every window to keep pests out, and you may do the same with your exterior doors. A screen door lets fresh air in the house, but pests cannot pass through the screens.

#6: Seal Your Air Vents

Your HVAC system has vents that leave your house, and small animals may crawl into your air ducts using these vents. You could have small rodents living in your vents for years without noticing, but animal hair and feces will make the air in your home hard to breathe. Placing a screen over each vent helps keep animals out, and your HVAC system will not notice the difference.

#7: Invest In A Pest Prevention System

Pest prevention systems are buried around your home, and the systems help kill insects with a special kind of pesticide. The pesticide is kept in a special trap, and insects that pass through the traps will bring the poison back to their colony. You cannot see the insects that are approaching your home, but they will be killed off before ever reaching your property. A simple pest prevention system can be serviced once a year, and you will never see insects approaching your home from the lawn.

#8: Hire A Pest Prevention Company

You may hire a pest prevention company that will visit your home once a year for service. You can have your home sprayed for small insects, and your home will be inspected for rodents. A pest prevention company knows where to look for pests, how to remove the pests and how to spray your home safely. There are organic pesticides on the market today that will not harm your pets, and the service appointment takes just a few hours. You will be protected from the outdoor terrors with just one appointment, and your home will be much safer as a result.

The pests in Australia range from terrible insects to small rodents who want to enter your home. You may use any technique mentioned in this article to protect your home from pests, and you can employ the same techniques every year to update your home. Certain upgrades made to your home will increase your home’s value, and other upgrades will simply maintain your home’s protection. Do not allow pests to enter your home every year without first putting up a fight. You are free to make changes to your home that keep pests out, and each change is simple enough to complete yourself or with help from a professional.

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