How to Add Extra Storage Space to Your Home

If you’re tired of living in a cramped and crowded environment that lacks sufficient storage space, you don’t have to feel sorry for yourself for not having a bigger residence. You can instead take action and create extra storage room out of your existing space. Remember, creativity is the key to home organisation success.

Invest in a Bed Frame That Comes With Shelves

Some beds are built with added-in storage — a clever and efficient way to conserve precious space. When you go shopping for furniture, look for a bed frame that features shelves. These are often called bookcase bed frames. Bed storage can go a long way for keeping your bedroom clutter-free. You can store footwear, apparel, bedding and anything else you want in these convenient shelves.

Purchase Stackable Shelves

Not many things can be more frustrating than running out of space in your kitchen cabinets. If you have too many plates and dishes and nowhere to put the rest, put stackable shelves in your cabinet. Stackable shelves are inexpensive and an absolute breeze to use. Undershelf baskets can also be terrific for maximising valuable kitchen space. Use undershelf baskets to store table linens, dishtowels, silverware and the like.

Use Wood Shelves

Wood shelves can be an easy and quick way to increase your home storage space. If you want even more use out of a wood shelf, look for one that comes with hooks you can hang things from. If you keep a wood shelf in your bathroom, for example, you can place toiletries on top of it and hang bathrobes and towels off the hooks. Lastly, wood shelves can be extremely stylish, particularly if they’re made of warm and enticing cherry wood.

Buy an Armoire

People often get frustrated by the lack of space in their closets. If you’re a person who is tired of running out of closet space and is sick of constantly needing to store and fold your clothing in tight drawers, getting an armoire can be a great help to you. Not only can armoires be great for giving you a lot of extra space for storage, but they can also make elegant decorative pieces. If you want to give your bedroom a more sophisticated and timeless flair, look for an armoire that fits the bill.

Take Advantage of Your Fireplace

The secret to organisational savvy is pure creativity and innovation. If you need to free up extra space inside of your home, use your imagination and look around for opportunities that may not be immediately obvious to you. If your living room is equipped with a fireplace that you never, ever use, for example, it may be time to convert it into a place to store things — say a few of your favourite novels.

Show Off Your Artsy Side

If your home is full of bulky and unsightly boxes and you have absolutely nowhere to store them, you don’t have to resign yourself to its less-than-pleasant state. Plain boxes on their own can be dull and unattractive, but if you use your imagination to jazz them up, they can be decorative elements in and of themselves. If you store essential items inside of old shoe boxes, for example, consider wrapping the boxes in beautiful wallpaper or vintage newspaper printed in another language.

Get a Few Soap Boxes

If you find yourself frustrated due to never being able to easily locate tiny items in your home, make use of soap boxes. Soap boxes are inexpensive and can be great storage tools. If you always lose your watch or favourite hair clip, a soap box can make an effective and reliable storage option, regardless of the size of your residence.

Go For Ceiling Storage

If you’re annoyed by the lack of space in your home, look up, literally. Ceiling space can be an excellent and highly efficient way of maximising the room in your home. If you’re out of places to store necessities, store them securely on the ceiling. If you have more towels than you know what to do with, think about purchasing a ceiling mounted storage rack that will make your life a lot easier. Overhead storage can make your day-to-day existence a lot more streamlined and tidy.

Make Use of Your Pergola

If you have a gorgeous pergola on your property, make use of the landscaping structure when the weather is cold. Consider covering your pergola with a shade canopy or fiberglass and using it to store bulky lawn and gardening equipment like lawnmowers.

Be Resourceful

Success in home storage is all about resourcefulness. If you’re clever and use your brain, finding smart storage options in your home can be a piece of cake. The goal is to make the most out of every single inch of your home.

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