Total Reboot: How to Keep Your System at Top Speed

Keeping your computer running as well as possible requires a bit of maintenance and care. You may view your computer as a device that can do anything in the world at the speed of light, but your computer needs help when it comes to care and maintenance. Your computer is a like a child, and you must show your computer the way to healthy living. Completing every step in this article will create a system that helps your computer run at maximum speed all the time.

#1: Virus Checks And Scans

Your computer must be loaded with powerful anti-virus software that will check for all sorts of malicious programs. Your computer could be host to spyware, adware, malware, viruses and trojans. These programs rob your computer of performance, and you will not be able to get rid of them on your own. Malicious programs are hidden deep within the bowels of your computer, and you must use professional software to get them out.

A virus scan should run at least once a day to detect new viruses. The scanner will show you how many virulent programs were discovered, and you will be asked what you want to do. Anti-virus software can erase all traces of these programs from your computer, and a daily scan prevents new programs from doing any real damage. Always allow your system scanner to keep running even when you find it annoying.

If you are a business, you can an IT company monitor this for you.

#2: System Defragmentaton

The system defragmentation tool on your computer will help organize files in your computer. Space is not saved, but the computer will run faster. Files that are easier for your computer to find help your computer run quickly. You will be able to find files that were once hidden on the computer, and you will be able to run this tool at least once a week.

Defragmentation can take several minutes, but the wait is more than worth it. Your computer gets bogged down looking for files every day, but you will increase the speed of the device will regular defragmentation. Schedule your computer to run the tool, and watch while it runs in the background.

#3: System Cleaning

A system cleaner on your computer deletes all trash from your computer’s hard drive. Deleted files are assigned to a trash folder that must be emptied periodically. A regular sweep of the trash can will help your computer save memory, and the device will run faster without all the trash holding it back.

#4: Regular Software Updates

Your computer needs regular software updates to keep up with the pace of other systems on the market today. The device tells you when you must do routine updates, and you should restart your computer to get those updates done. The device will use your Internet connection to receive all the updates that are needed, and you need not find the downloads yourself.

Software updates for programs on your computer happen in the same manner. Your computer will alert you when software upgrades must be done, and you will be able to manage the updates from the background of your computer. You should not avoid updates if they appear at an inconvenient time. Stop what you are doing, save your work and let your computer do what it must. You will be up and running again quickly.

#5: System Maintenance

The operating system for your computer requires updates and maintenance that can only be done while the computer is running. You will see a popup that asks you to perform maintenance on the operating system, and you must select “ok” to start the maintenance process.

You do not know what kind of updates the software company has created, and you need not search them out. Save your work before starting, and let the computer run the new updates. This process could take up to an hour, but it is well worth your time. Your computer will run faster when you have spent some time waiting for the updates to load.

Regular maintenance of your computer is not complicated in the least. You are not required to have IT training or computer experience, but you must allow the computer to do the updates it has for you. Your computer does not know when you are busy or stressed, but a few moments away from the computer should allow you time to breathe before working again.

Schedule your maintenance using the tools on your device. Wait for new updates to load, but never avoid them. Your computer is counting on you to run proper system maintenance.

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