Top Search Engine Marketing Trends for 2015

If you’re a small business owner who’s perpetually trolling for the latest way to bring people to your website because you’re selling something they would buy if only they knew about it, it’s important to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not in terms of search engine marketing trends. Do these trends change from year to year? They do. After all, the Internet moves at the speed of light so it’s only natural that some trends disappear while others stick around, albeit with modifications that improve the user experience and yours, too.

Separation of Church and State

Even if you’re applying due diligence to your SEO efforts and seed everything but your Mum’s Facebook page with keywords and attention-getting graphics, you might still fail to achieve your aims if you don’t wise up to the fact that you must attend to twin sons of different mothers: Mobile and desktop users rarely search for or consume content in the same way.

The reason? People on the go have different needs and objectives than those sitting at workstations with more time to search. If you don’t tailor content to one or the other, writes Jayson Demers for Forbes, your conversions and search market rankings could suffer and so could your enthusiasm! Divide your attention between mobile and desktop when engaging in SEO for a better return on your efforts.

Keep Chasing your Tail…

…say prognosticators waxing poetic at Alecan Marketing. Mastering the art of long-tail keywords and search has never been more important or relevant, just as long as there’s some logic built into the equation when shaping those sentences, phrases and paragraphs.

It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes an intuitive search innovator to finesse long-tail keywords into readable content that doesn’t appear to have been written by someone who converses in English rather than any of the 400 languages spoken by indigenous Australians.

Marketing still matters!

For those so enamoured of algorithms they overlook or ignore marketing theories and practices in favour of technical elements, a sad, sad fate awaits. Of course SEO is sacrosanct, but brands still get attention based on unique personalities, so don’t fire your content wizard just to add another techie to your staff or you’ll suffer regrets.

A strong content plan remains the engine that drives brand sales. If you don’t prioritize creativity, you’ll miss out on the next evolution of access to audiences: the superiority of brand mentions and citations equaling the power currently hogged by links. It’s already begun. Google focuses and differentiates between express and implied links, taking advantage of “misuse and abuse of link building,” adds Jayson Demers.

Google is also literally bathing in a deep sea of social signals from sage resources like Facebook and Twitter, each of which continues to set the standard in “the ranking algorithm” department. Expect SEO to finally be invited to the big kid’s table on Boxing Day as the illegitimate child of marketing is welcomed into the fold at long last.

The Danger of Negative SEO Tactics Increases…

…according to several resources, including and other analysts fixated on the downside of SEO marketing worldwide. There is no shortage of shady types home and abroad who are dedicated to undermine commercial consumer traffic by producing enough spam and phishing expeditions to frustrate even the most patient consumer.

This conundrum doesn’t end with consumers, by the way. Google’s John Mueller complains that “it can take up to 9 months for disavow files” in need of rectification. Since webmasters have no other tools to undertake the distasteful task, negative SEO assaults will remain battlefield casualties in the fight to craft and improve the quality of searches. How to penalize these clever crooks? That remains the million dollar question.

The Importance of Finding the Right Resource

You get what you pay for, so why would you want to place your business in the hands of a firm that’s new, inexperienced or, heaven forbid, outside the friendly confines of Australia? You wouldn’t. In Adelaide, has you covered and you won’t have to sell your first born child to pay the bill if you hire their services.

Seasoned professionals with insights, creative outlooks, wisdom and a proven track record are all required in today’s fast-paced world of search engine optimization. You need a savvy, single resource capable of taking your story, product, service or concept to Australia and beyond using contemporary, cutting-edge methods and techniques.

Slam Strategy staff believes that effective optimisation strategies are laser pointers directed at search engines that rarely miss their mark if undertaken properly. Can you afford to seek less when the future of your business can literally rely upon your choice of SEO specialists? Hardly!

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