12 Reasons to Hire a Skip Bin this Weekend

Whether you are a home fix it guru or just are a novice in the yard, you may have times when you just are so overcome with waste. Rather than let that waste consume you and wind up the butt of so many jokes, why not take that rubbish and haul it all away? Calling in a skip bin makes a lot of sense for a variety of occasions.

Remodel kitchen: You could have a great new layout for your kitchen design and you may be ready to tackle the project head-on. Instead of letting your old sink and oven hang around in your backyard, have a skip bin present to take that mess away.

Remodel bathroom: The same goes for your tub and vanity; none of your neighbors want that eyesore out their window. Do everyone a favor and be off with it.

Remodel floors: While tearing up linoleum is beautiful and your new floors may look awesome, don’t leave those old planks where all the neighbors have to see them!

Landscaping: While you may just think your re-composting and making your old yard fertile soil again you can’t make everyone have to look at your uproot as you’re doing it. Instead have a skip bin waiting for all your old dead soil as well as for all the pots and bags that you’re using to bring the new stuff in with.

Swap Outdoor deck: If you’re ripping up your outdoor deck this could take quite a while. Instead of hanging on to all that trash send it off in a bin.

Demolish Front Step: If you’re changing out your front step that’s a lot of paving stone or cement that you’re trying to pawn off on your trash man. Instead be prepared with a skip bin.

Cut down trees: Tree branches are one of the worst for people in the woods. Don’t make everyone’s lives any harder than they need be; get rid of those tree limbs.

Repaving drive: If you’re digging up your drive for a fresh pave it’s a good idea to take that old bit away.

Demolishing standalone garage: You could think that because it’s on your property it’s your business what you do with your old garage. It’s an eyesore though and you don’t want to upset the neighbors or make them anymore hostile towards you than they already may be.

Demolishing tree house: If your small kids have grown up and they have outgrown their tree house, it’s time to get rid of that whole ensemble. Do yourself a favor and have a place for all that waste once it’s come down from the trees.

Trading up above-ground to in-ground pool: Hopefully you’ve hired someone to come in and lay down your new in-ground pool. However just because they’re there doesn’t mean they are ready or interested in getting rid of your ugly above-ground pool. Rather than start a fight about it, be ready with your own skip bin to toss that old pool off in.

Swing set/sandpit removal: If you no longer have kids in the house or worse yet the former tenants didn’t do off with all their property when they left you the keys, you could have a big bit of business on your hands. Whether it’s a swing set, a sandpit, or any other big yard toys, when you uproot them have a skip bin ready to take them away and you will be the better off for it.

These are just a few remodeling home-improvement reasons to have a skip bin on your property to take your rubbish away.


Just Skips is a South Australian family owned skip and bin hire company established in 2003. They operate a fleet of four skip trucks and have in excess of 600 bins available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate every situation and requirement. Find out more: www.justskips.net.au

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