The art of laser engraving

15 years in the engraving business has taught us one major insight! That is having the technology is only the beginning, how your passion for the technology takes over and leads you to new techniques and applications is the major ingredient to making the acquisition of the technology a success!

Lasers, the new engravers

Laser technology has long been praised for its versatility in whichever field it has been put to work. In our case it has been in the engraving/ branding/cutting arena. Incorporating various types of lasers we are given carte blanche to conceptualise a treasure chest of ideas and turn them into realities. The diversity of applications and substrates to be worked on and into is huge, the variation in finishes is mind blowing and the challenge of the next application can truly capture the imagination. From decorative, to defense, bar coding to scrapbooking and still we have yet to exhaust the potential of this medium.

It is all in the detail

From a hand drawn sketch and incorporating various finishes of stainless steel (matt, satin and mirror finish) we tweaked the laser engraver to commission this contemporary wall hanging. The detail can be controlled with precise manipulation to achieve from photograph quality to the abstract quality attained in the Lion. While various disciplines of bar coding are routinely part of the workload undertaken by this versatile equipment the opportunity to explore and push the boundaries still requires the dedication and inspiration of a modern day craftsman who is in tune with his ‘tools’.

Top 10 list

  1. Personalise your ipad, iPhone, or laptop with a photo, image, a message or just a name.
  2. Create a custom art piece to put up in your dining room.
  3. Create a unique invitation for your wedding, birthday, special occasion. You could use acrylic, glass, wood, leather, paper …
  4. Scrap booking items that need to be engraved or laser cut out of shapes.
  5. Engrave a memorial plaque for a loved one.
  6. Dog tags and pets tags.
  7. Wine, champagne or drinking glasses that can have a name and date, graphic, family crest or wording engraved on them.
  8. House sign or door sign.
  9. Personalise a gift a for special occasions, life moments, achievements, trophies and medals, graduation or just a special moment.
  10. Engrave an apple or other fruit for a talking point at your next party. Put your guests names on it. Wow them.The future

Where to from here

It was once quoted by Henry Ford that one can have any colour you want as long as it’s black??? Look where we have still to go – we are already moving in that direction. You imagine it, The Engraving Crew will laser engrave it.

About EngravingCrew

Partner and co-founder of The Engraving Crew. I have been involved in the engraving and laser engraving field since the mid 1990’s. I am originally form South Africa and my partner and I have relocated to Adelaide, South Australia in 2012. My hobbies are scuba diving and flying RC planes.

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