Why Renting a Self Storage Unit is Useful

For anyone who spends any time in any kind of urban or suburban area, you know what I’m talking about. We happen by those deserted or industrial sections of town and we have seen those huge, very attractive looking self storage warehouses with the cute advertising before. Maybe you have thought to yourself, ‘what the heck could people ever keep there?’ and for many of us it’s a good question to ask. But there are uses for the self storage units available in these warehouses; here are four different uses for four different sized units.


Seasonal Outerwear for Wife of Disgraced Financier: While no one ever wants to have to hide their expensive furs and cashmere off-season outerwear, it’s just a fact that sometimes your space available is overrun by your closet space. This is especially true for someone who used to have the space yet has space no more. One good example would be the an individual who was caught out running some kind of elaborate Ponzi scheme. They or their wife or daughter may be used to having closets of space; but when they get run out of their mega mansion and the family needs to relocate to a 2 bedroom condominium during the protracted government trial, space is going to be at a premium. They may wish to take some of their off-season outerwear and put it into storage.


Extra Band Equipment for Touring Garage Band: When you’re an up and coming band, the speed with which you gain popularity doesn’t usually happen at Bieber-speed. Usually there is a natural, organic growth from garage band to supporting touring act to huge superstars. If you’re still in the middle of that process though you may not have room in your garage for all of your garage bands stuff. Getting a medium sized self storage unit may make some sense for you.


Whole Home Setup For Traveling Gypsies: If you are a freelance writer or bi-costal actor and you can’t settle down, it may make sense to have self storage solutions on both coasts with varying amounts of home setups. If you bought a flat-screen TV, bed, kitchen supplies, or futon mattress and frame but you just can’t decide which coast to be on, better to have home situations in self storage units waiting for you on either coast and just travel light.

Extra Large

Storage Space for Helicopter: You really know you have made it once you have your own helicopter. However if your neighbors are upset about your helicopter and the noise it makes and you’re on the waiting list at the airfield for a space; maybe a really big self storage solution would make sense for you. While keeping a helicopter inside of a self storage space may be unconventional you have always eschewed convention and instead chosen to go your own way. Investing in the extra large storage space then can make a lot of sense.

We all have different needs for storage. You may look around your scantily furnished apartment and scoff at the notion that you could ever need a storage solution. However you will never know when your off-season outerwear, garage band musical instruments, or helicopter could need a second home. Or if that gypsy lifestyle suddenly grabs you and won’t let go; you will need a place for what little you have to call a home, for a little while.


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