The World’s #1 Referral Source Today

We live in extremely changing times. When I initially came out with “Word of Mouth Magic” back in 2003, most starting companies weren’t making use of the Internet.

How times have greatly changed.

Nowadays, the #1 source of referrals and word of mouth is… Google!

People today “trust” Google. If you appear high up in Google’s listings, people would normally consider you superior to your competition, or at the very least, much more preferred.

And Google is now the “online Yellow Pages”. If your company is big enough to undertake advertising efforts, then you definitely want to be found on Google.

Getting ranked high in the first page of Google search results is definitely not easy, and it also costs a lot. You can try the paid advertisements, but that may prove to be even more costly.

Luckily, it costs absolutely nothing to acquire a ‘Yellow Pages’ style listing in Google- known as Google Places- but you have to do it correctly. This is because if you do not come up on Google in the first page or two, you might as well not be listed.

What exactly is Google Places?

How do you get those top listings?

How do you turn Google’s ‘free’ listing into eager, buying consumers?

Well, this is an ever-changing field, so I teamed up with the most prolific and up-to-date ‘guru’ in the Google Places Help forum, Andrew Huskinson, and we produced an e-book that offers you the solutions.

Click here for the most recent update of the…

Google Places Blueprint

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