How to Plan a Great Mother’s Day

Show your mum the love and appreciation she deserves this mother’s day.

Here’s a list of things that a good mother’s day should include. The order of most activities is flexible so we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

  • Sleep in & breakfast in bed
  • Gifts
  • Family activities
  • Relaxation (for mum)
  • A nice meal

Sleep In & Breakfast in Bed

This is an obvious one that most mothers would probably enjoy. Make sure you figure out what her favourite breakfast is and get all the ingredients you need the day before.


You have two main categories of gifts to choose from for mothers day;

  • Mum/ mother’s day specific gifts
  • Regular gifts

The regular gift option will give you a wider choice but I prefer to get something that’s special and specific to mother’s day and leave the regular gifts for other occasions such birthdays and Christmas.

Mother’s day specific gifts include:

  • Sentimental gifts
  • Pampering gifts
  • Quality time gifts

For more information about mother’s day gifts check out this article: 24 Mothers Day Gift Ideas.

Family Activities

As well as being a day for mum, mother’s day is also a day for the family to spend some time together. There’s lots of activities you can do together from family outings to special events or staying home for a BBQ lunch. Here are some ideas:

  • Picnic at a local park or botanic gardens
  • Adelaide Mother’s Day Classic
  • Favourite family board games such as pictionary, cluedo or scrabble.
  • Go out to the movies or watch a movie at home (including home movies if mum wants *cringe*)
  • Go shopping

Relaxation (for mum)

No mother’s day would be complete without some rest and relaxation for mum while dad and the kids take care of all the housework and any other nagging chores which need doing. If you’re quiet you can try and get this done in the morning while mum is having her sleep in, otherwise mid-afternoon is a good time. To keep mum relaxed while you work away you can simply make her comfortable and give her some peace and quiet or you can send her out for a massage or spa package.

A nice meal

This should be the main meal of the day and could either be lunch or dinner.

  • At home cooked by dad and the kids
  • At a nice restaurant (book early)

What are some activities that you mother’s day simply couldn’t do without? Add them in the comments below.

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