The art of laser engraving

15 years in the engraving business has taught us one major insight! That is having the technology is only the beginning, how your passion for the technology takes over and leads you to new techniques and applications is the major ingredient to making the acquisition of the technology a success! Lasers, the new engravers Laser […]

Why Renting a Self Storage Unit is Useful

For anyone who spends any time in any kind of urban or suburban area, you know what I’m talking about. We happen by those deserted or industrial sections of town and we have seen those huge, very attractive looking self storage warehouses with the cute advertising before. Maybe you have thought to yourself, ‘what the […]

The World’s #1 Referral Source Today

We live in extremely changing times. When I initially came out with “Word of Mouth Magic” back in 2003, most starting companies weren’t making use of the Internet. How times have greatly changed. Nowadays, the #1 source of referrals and word of mouth is… Google! People today “trust” Google. If you appear high up in […]

Exercise For Weight Loss?

There’s a lot of misinformation about the advantages of exercise, especially concerning weight loss. Let’s use a little common sense, shall we? When we become active, such as working out, we use up energy. If you do not consume additional calories, then this energy needs to come from somewhere in your body, i.e., from fat. […]

How to Plan a Great Mother’s Day

Show your mum the love and appreciation she deserves this mother’s day. Here’s a list of things that a good mother’s day should include. The order of most activities is flexible so we’ll leave that up to you to decide. Sleep in & breakfast in bed Gifts Family activities Relaxation (for mum) A nice meal […]

Adelaide’s Entrepreneurial & Business Courses and Programs Compared

Getting started in business is about making contacts. Contacts come from a myriad of sources. One great source when you are just starting out is class. Not only will the connections come from the teachers you meet, but the folks you’ll be alongside in class. In business school one of the things they tell you […]

Get Mentors and Improve your Business

In a recent interview with Chris Hooper and another with Michael Dawson (on Adelaide Entrepreneurs) they both discussed the positive impact that mentors have had on their businesses. You’ve probably heard the saying that you are the average of your five closest friends. This may not be a scientifically accurate statement but I think the […]

Lean Startup Tips for Adelaide Businesses

In this interview I talk through a few lean startup tips (The Lean Startup is a book by Eric Ries) with Trevor Glen, software consultant. This interview was recorded for the Web Marketing Adelaide podcast and originally appeared at Episode 31.   Transcript ———————– Nick Morris is the founder of Adelaide Experts and an SEO Consultant […]

Financial Forecasting for Startups by Silver Whale

Before you jump into a new business idea, you should do a bit of research first to see if you idea is likely to be a winner. I recently interviewed Pratib Parthiban from Silverwhale about financial forecasting for startups, one of the services that they offer. This interview originally appeared in episode 34 of the Web Marketing Adelaide […]

Business Processs Improvement with Jo Shanahan from DVE Solutions

For this interview I’m joined by Jo Shanahan from DVE Solutions and we’re talking about business process mapping and improvement. This is a very interesting topic and I think all businesses could get something out of this interview.   We cover Who can benefit from business process improvement? What are some signs that business owners can look for to […]