About Nick Morris

Nick has a keen interest in writing, Adelaide and many topics of interest. He founded Adelaide Experts (this site) and also owns Adelaide Business Events, a site which aggregates all of the business events happening in and around Adelaide.

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Coworking Spaces

“Coworking is a style of work which involves a shared working environment, sometimes an office, yet independent activity” – Wikipedia Space Name Type Location Casual Rate Full Time Rate Majoran Distillery Tech Adelaide $35/day $300/month Co-West Creative Adelaide $15/day $165/month That Space General Norwood $25/day $300/month Todd Street Coworking Hub General Pt. Adelaide $22/day $330/month […]

Michael Dawson from OfferUs

In this episode of Adelaide Entrepreneurs I interview Michael Dawson, founder of Offerus.com.au and Brandy Animations. I met Michael not too long ago and found his entrepreneurial journey so far to be quite interesting and I’m sure useful for someone wanting to get something started in Adelaide.

Interview with Chris Hooper – Starting, Building & Running a Cutting Edge Accounting Business

This is a really interesting interview with Chris Hooper from Cirillo Hooper & Company. We cover a wide range of topics over the 62 minutes starting from Chris’ first foray into business when he was 14 right up until today and covering most things in between. This is a must watch for anyone interested in […]

Living the Work/Travel Lifestyle with Chris Schwarz

In this episode of Adelaide Entrepreneurs I talk to Chris Schwarz about his “working while traveling” lifestyle and how he does it. If you can’t get away from work to travel do the next best thing and work while you travel. You can read all about Chris’ escapades juggling travel and work over at his […]

Stuart Austin from Syndeo.co

In this episode of Adelaide Entrepreneurs I interview Stuart Austin from Syndeo.co, an online system which connects learners and organisations. Learners gain experience and organisations find the right people. Stuart is currently working out of the Majoran Distillery so you can drop in and find him there if you’d like to catch up with him. You […]

Patrick Moody – Founder of Themematcher.com

Here’s an interview I did with Patrick Moody, the founder of Themematcher.com which is a website that automatically creates a WordPress theme to match an existing website design to help developers save time and the less technical to get a matching blog without having to tinker with code.  

Majoran Distillery, Silicon Beach Drinks Co-founder: Michael Reid [Interview]

This is a video interview with Michael Reid, co-founder of Adelaide tech co-working space; the Majoran Distillery, as well as the popular monthly networking event; Silicon Beach. This interview is also the first episode of a new project I’m starting where I interview Adelaide entrepreneurs. Find all the relevant links over here. Transcription after the jump.